Water Billing  
  You can now access your water bills online!  For account portal questions, password recovery, and general assistance with logon, please call Billing Services at 303-265-7949.  
  Use the Customer Portal to:

     ● Sign up for E-Bills
     ● View and re-print current and previous bills
     ● View previous transactions
     ● Pay your monthly bill via credit card or EFT.
     ● Change your billing address

To access the Customer Portal:

     1) Open a web-browser and enter the Billing Services web address in the address bar.

     2) Click on the link for BMR Metropolitan District
     3) Follow the instructions for entering your account number and default password. You will be able to change your
         password once you have entered the portal for the first time.
  Instructions and Debit Authorization ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payments Form  
  Options For Payment

You can pay your monthly bill with BMR via the following options, all available free of charge:

     1) Traditional check/mailing of payment to the address listed on your monthly billing statement.

     2) Automatic withdrawal from checking or savings account: with this option your monthly amount due is conveniently
         drafted automatically from your bank account each month on the due date. To enroll in this option please call
         CLA Billing Services at 303-265-7949, Option 1.

      3) Online Payment via Point and Pay: through the online portal you are able to pay your BMR account via E-check
          or with a major credit card. (Note: Automatic payment via credit card through the online portal is not available
          at this time).
  Online Portal’s "Bill Analysis" Page

Online Portal’s “Bill Analysis” page: this chart displays how much of each of the District’s three service fees your property’s monthly billings have generated over the past 12 months. The three fees that are billed each month are:

     a) Fixed monthly charges (8A): this amount is charged to your account as a fixed fee and does not fluctuate.

     b) Renewable water charge (8R): this amount is charged to your account as a fixed fee and does not fluctuate.

     c) Water usage (8W): this amount fluctuates based on the amount of water consumed.
  Online Portal’s “View Consumption” Page

This page contains two separate charts:

     a) The first is a three year comparative look back on the monthly amount of water used at your property (“Cons’n”), and
         the amount billed for the consumption (“Value”).

     b) The second chart is a three year comparative look back on the amount of water consumed at your property, broken out
          by different colors for each year. Note that the Y-axis reflects water consumption in 1,000 gallons (“Kgallons”)
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