Serving the Bell Mountain Ranch Community     
  Board of Directors  
  President:  Russ Grant, h:720-733-0533,  c: 720-878-5383

Vice-President:  Calvin Bills, c: 303-796-0028

Secretary/Treasurer:  Frank Strand, c: 720-339-3781

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:  Steve Luthy, c: 281-386-6796

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:  Vacant

  The Bell Mountain Ranch Metropolitan District Board of Directors Water Strategy:

Short term:   Ongoing work to optimize the current system processes. Monitor ion exchange resin performance and life cycle.

Long Term:   Consider complete treatment process overhaul utilizing of one of the District engineer’s recommended alternative system solutions which were submitted to the Board on November 5, 2012 in the Alternative System Study commissioned by the Board.  Explore possible connections to the Castle Rock Utilities water system.
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