Rules and Regulations  
  All documents or forms listed below are available on-line to review or print.  
       Rules and Regulations  
       Resolution 2020-4-1 Establishing Electronic Board Meeting During COVID-19 Emergency  
       Resolution 2020-1-1 Reaffirming Water Consumption Charges and Other Rates through out 2020 Year  
       Resolution 2019-8-1 Posting Online Notices for Public Meetings  
       Resolution 2018-12-1 Reaffirming Water Consumption Charges and Other Rates through out 2019 Year  
       Resolution 2018-1-2 Call for 2018 Regular District Election and Appointing Election Official  
       Resolution 2018-1-1 Establishing 2018 Regular Meeting Specifics and Compliance  
       Resolution 2017-9-1 New District Bill Adjustment Policy for Water Leaks, Landscaping and Hardships  
       Resolution 2014-11-4 New Renewable Water Resource Fee  
       Resolution 2011-9-1 Stating Policy Changing Out Customer Water Meters  
       Resolution 2011-4-1 Amending Rules and Regulations Section 8.8  
       Resolution 2013-1-2 Rules and Regulations Amended Section 6.5  
       Water Leak Credit Request - Revised 2017-12  
       New Landscape Vegetation Irrigation Water Rate Request - Revised 2017-12  
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