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  The Consolidated Bell Mountain Ranch Metropolitan District (Metro District) is a Colorado Special District.  The Metro District owns all infrastructure in Bell Mountain Ranch (roads, bridges, park land, open space, trails, paths, right of way etc.) and is responsible for the maintenance of this infrastructure (including snow removal and weed control).  In connection with the development of Bell Mountain Ranch, the Metro District (under control of the developer) issued bonds and other indebtedness to help finance the construction.  The District Board recently refinanced the debt at a significantly lower interest rate with a bank loan. Please see the Financial page for more details.  The governing body of the Metro District is it's volunteer Board of Directors (Bell Mountain owners) who are elected by the taxpayers of Bell Mountain.

Hotline:  For after hours emergencies including snow removal, street, park, trail or landscaping emergencies or to report other items please contact Clifton Larson Allen at 303-779-4525.

     Bell Mountain Ranch Planned Development (PD) - 7th Amendment

  Notices of Public Meeting - additional information available on the meetings page.  
  *Note:  In recognition that the COVID-19 Omicron variant is extremely transmissible and has caused breakthrough infections of people who have been fully vaccinated, all attendees will be required to wear protective face masks. Social distancing will be observed.  
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       Call For Nominations  (Board Election - May 3, 2022)  
       Transparency Notice  
       Establishing Electronic Board Meeting During COVID-19 Emergency  (Resolution 2020-4-1)  
       Posting On-Line Notices  (Resolution 2019-8-1)  
  2021-04-20 - The Consolidated Bell Mountain Ranch District (CBMRMD) is working with Douglas County Fire Mitigation Specialist and the U.S. Forrest Service to formulate a plan for fire mitigation on all CBMRMD properties, public open space and private open space preservation easements (POSPE, aka "C zones") under jurisdiction of the CBMRMD.  To learn more click here.  
  2020-04-20 - The Policy stated in Resolution 2020-4-1 shall remain in effect until the Board determines that conducting its meetings in a physical location no longer poses a risk of exposure to COVID-19 for the Board members, District employees, and the public who attend the meetings. Click (here) for additional details.  
  2019-10-01 Board Vacancy - There is a Board Member vacancy on both the BMR Metropolitan District and the Consolidated BMR Metropolitan District. Anyone interested in filling the vacancies through the end of the current term which ends in May 2020 should contact Bob Blodgett, the District Manager or click (here) for contact information. Elections/ re-elections will be held in May 2020.  
  2019-08-13 Posting Online Notices for Public Meetings Resolution is available (here).  
  2017-11-11 The New Metro District Rules and Regulations document is available on the new Rules-Regulations page.  
  2017-07-26 Temporary closure of the north lane of Glade Gulch Road, just west of intersection with Riva Rose Circle
Beginning Wednesday, July 26, 2017 Metro District will be constructing a retaining wall on the north side of Glade Gulch Road, just west of Riva Rose. The retaining wall will help recover a damage portion of the walking path and stabilize the slope. This work will require temporary closure of the north lane of Glade Gulch Road. Work should be completed by mid-August.

2017-07-27 Temporary closure of Bell Mountain Drive between Mariposa Road and Young Circle
Please be aware that work in this area may begin as early as Thursday, July 27, 2017.  A temporary closure of Bell Mountain Drive between Mariposa and Young Circle will be required to install a culvert and correct drainage.  The road may be closed overnight, and as long as necessary to install the culvert and repair the road surface.

Detour routes:  Residents living on Young Circle and/or Starburst Circle should detour to Mariposa Road to access Bell Mountain Drive and Bell Mountain Parkway.  Residents on Young Circle may also detour to Old Gates Road to reach Bell Mountain Drive. and Bell Mountain Parkway.  As always, please drive slowly and with great care in the work areas.  Expect construction equipment to be on roads and give workers a wide birth.

2016-05-04  The Bell Mountain Ranch voters have spoken. Ballot Issue A has passed! Great news for the future. Congratulations to the new board with Marlene Accardo as President, Russell Grant as Vice President, James Winchester as Secretary/Treasurer, Frank Strand as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.  Mike Mikelson was appointed to the Board at the June meeting.

2016-04-13  Ballots have been mailed to registered voters in the District for the May 3, 2016 Metro District election. Ballots must be mailed back and in the hands of the designated election official by 7:00 p.m. May 3rd. Douglas County will not have a drop off location. So donít delay. Voters will be electing 3 Directors for 4 year terms as well as voting on Ballot Issue A. Voter approval of Ballot Issue A would raise the General Fund cap by $200,000 (from $300,00 to $500,000), which would allow the Board to reallocate mill levy splits to reduce the surplus in the Debt Fund and increase the General Fund, thus leveraging the increased property valuations for the overall good of the community. Any General Fund surpluses would be reserved for future maintenance requirements. The Districtís Board of Directors recommends a yes vote on Issue A.

2016-04-08  The Consolidated Bell Mountain Ranch Metropolitan District election will be conducted as an all-mail ballot election. Look for ballots to arrive in the mail by mid-April to registered voters in the District. Ballots must be mailed back and in the hands of the designated election official by 7:00 p.m. on May 3rd.

2016-03-10  Nominations for the Board of Directors positions are now closed for the May 3rd election.

2015-12-22   There are Board of Director nomination forms available for the May election on the 2016 election tab.

2015-12-22  The headline for 2016: The Metro District delivers the first mill levy tax reduction in BMR history. Concurrently, the Board increased the 2016 operating and maintenance budget to just under the statutory cap of $300,000. So while the Board increased the operations mill levy, it also reduced the debt service mill levy. The 2016 mill levy will be 75 mills which is 3.869 mills less than the 2015 mill levy of 78.869.  In 2016, the Board will seek an increase to the 2017 operations cap from $300,000 to $500,000 in order to begin building a capital expense fund. This will require a TABOR election in May.

2015-11-25  Discussion at the December 1 Board meeting regarding the TABOR May 2016 election.

2015-10-06  Budget hearing at the November 3, 2015 Board of Directors meeting to adopt the 2016 Budget. See proposed budget in the Financial tab.

2015-09-05  Chip seal update: The revised start date is September 21 contingent on weather and other contractor scheduling factors. Work locations remain the same.

2015-08-12  The District will be performing chip seal pavement repair on another set of roads this summer. There will also be some new striping as appropriate. The locations were identified and approved at the July 7th board meeting. There will be crack sealing prior to the resurfacing and at locations were significant cracks have been identified.  For details concerning the work locations CLICK HERE. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Metro Board Director Russell Grant at 720.733.0533 (home) or 720.878.5383 (cell).

2015-07-10  Road closure on Old Gate Road beginning Monday July 13. Major road repair will begin on lower Old Gate Road just east of Bell Mountain Drive and to the northwest corner of Old Gate Road and Windchant Circle. An alternative to Old Gate is to use Bell Mountain Drive to connect with upper Old Gate Road. Construction crews will control traffic and access for residents of lower Old Gate. This is a major construction project consisting of two phases - to reroute storm water runoff and to repair road damage. DO NOT enter work zone or attempt to drive around barriers.

2014-09-19  It has been observed that the Stevenís Ranch property is again on the market. This is certainly within the rights of the current owner. Years ago there was a plan by the current owner to develop the 70 acre parcel which is located in the NE quadrant of BMR. To that end, an Inclusion Agreement was negotiated to include the 70 acre parcel into the Consolidated BMR Metropolitan District. That agreement is dated July 1, 2008 and is recorded with the county. The parcel has been paying its share of property taxes to the District ever since.

Some agreement highlights: Allows for 16 lots, designed with full compliance to BMR design standards. Water tap fees are to be paid to the BMR Metro District. The District would supply water and the developer would be responsible to build all infrastructure (water, roads, park, etc.) then convey them to the District. A 5 acre park would be conveyed, the water rights would be conveyed, and a well easement created. The parcel would then be integrated with the BMR HOA rules, regulations and annual dues.  Due to economic conditions following 2008, development did not occur and no plat plan was ever filed. In theory, it would be possible for the current owner or a new owner to file a Petition for Exclusion from our District. No such petition has been filed. The District will monitor the situation and is prepared defend the Inclusion Agreement if required.

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